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Tied for Second

February 8, 2008

So I heard the Patriots are 18-1, tying them for the second best record in NFL history. Only in an era where the New England Patriots have become the embodiment of sports evil would the New York Giants, one of the oldest and most famous franchises in American sports, be the plucky underdog. But, hooray for the Giants.  I guess the nation, and myself, will have to prepare ourselves for an entire season of nothing but Manning commercials.  

As I suspected, Yoko Romo DID rob me of a two day party at the home of my favorite Cowboys fan.

I can’t believe its all over, as I don’t really count the Pro Bowl. Now, it’s almost time for the four weeks I pay attention to college basketball, and make wild pronouncements about schools I’ve never heard of. Hooray!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been busy,  but I will be back. There’s still much to talk about:  West Virginia and its former coach are still at war; kids are so desperate to play D-1 college football  that they hoax everyone around them; Terrell Pryor is still weighing his offers, and its only seven more months before my favorite upright activity returns.