The Mean Lil Black and Gold Girl is an unabashed SEC supporter, a long suffering Saints fan and proud New Orleanian who lives in the Land of Intolerance, across the Potomac from the People’s Republic of Maryland and the Milk Chocolate Nation’s Capitol (thanks, C.Ray!). When not watching football and talking smack about other people’s conferences and teams, she is a (eeewww) lawyer.

12 Responses to “About”

  1. Dad Says:

    So it came to pass that a gifted football analyst has choosen to show the masses the way to college football bliss….when I see your comments I know for certain that the sports gene skipped a generation. This is the kind of stuff your grandfather would talk about….good job…I will continue to read your blog so that I can learn something about minor college football teams…but keep in mind the major player and the center of all that is good in college football is FSU!!!

  2. Courtney Dow Says:

    Please, more talk about pro football, for those of us without a college football team worth cheering for.

  3. 4EverLSU Says:

    Jeebus. Enough. Any more and we’re likely to propose…a girl that likes foobaw, is a fan of the Saints, and has blogged (we’ve seen it…don’t try to hide it!) about LSU? Tell us you’ll let us cook and you’ll do the dishes, and you’ll have us completely enamored.

  4. wordnerd Says:

    VERRRRRY pleased to meetcha, MLBGG! I’m still down here in La., suffering thru Payton’s sophomore slump and enjoying LSU’s run. Love love LOVE your site!

  5. modesta73 Says:

    Ah, thanks very much!
    And remember, there is no NFL here at the MLBGG, especially given that Atlanta now has a win.

  6. dr freddie Says:

    You sure is eryoudyte.

  7. nolachick Says:

    was your papa a rolling stone? cuz there’s a good chance we’re long lost sisters…

  8. modesta73 Says:

    Sure seems like it! Most excellent site!

  9. wvujay Says:

    wow, i love your site. i thought i was one of the few LSU/WVU fans. i grew up in s’port, graduated from wvu. the (redacted) cracked me up, my coworkers thought there was something wrong with me. this just made my morning site check. j

  10. modesta73 Says:

    Thanks so much! Continue to check in; I’ll be doing more on WVU when the bowls start, and during basketball season as well.

  11. Joel Says:

    Love the site. I usually roll through New Orleans on the drive from Houston to Memphis (my hometown) and have been both to Tiger Stadium and the Superdome several times. One of my church members is an Ohio State alum and he is going to the title game. I told him to be prepared to walk into the gates Hell if he plans on wearing a Buckeye shirt. He then tried to compare LSU fans to Michigan or Illinois fans. After picking myself up off of the floor from laughing, I simply told him to have fun, be prepared to get cussed out, and don’t give the cops in New Orleans any dirty looks or talk back. Somehow, I don’t think he will take my advice…

  12. The Mean Lil\' Black and Gold Girl Says:

    Isn’t it adorable when Big Ten Plus One fans act like they know tailgating…or football…or crazy fans….

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