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December 6, 2007

The Ohio State University is a damned mystery – Geaux Tuscaloosa

That personality that got let out of its cage at the 2007 Cocktail Party , but who was chained to a wall against Tennessee? That’s who I’m talkin’ about– Georgia Sports Blog

Mississippi State and Louisiana Monroe are BCS worthy– Football Diet

We’re not snobs, we’re just better than you: The All-SEC Team–…. BTW, one person on this list has a book written about him.  Even if you can’t stand Ole Miss, or are a fan of an inferior conference, check it out.  Mr. Oher, buy your sister and mama something from Tiffany when you’re at NFL draft headquarters, whether it’s this year or next.

The Official Holiday of the Idiot Brigade, a holy day in New Orleans, and a happy day for Southern girls, no matter where they are.

The SEC: where even the white kids are fast

October 8, 2007

 BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 06:  Running back Jacob Hester #18 of the LSU Tigers scores the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Florida Gators at Tiger Stadium on October , 2007 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. LSU defeated Florida 28-24.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Welcome to The Mean Lil’ Black and Gold Girl’s most non -PC post yet, courtesy of the Nation of Islam Sports Blog. Everyone saw the (admittedly impressive) performance of Tim Tebow. He was running, gunning, running and running some more, with the occasional pass. And he’s white with a barely qualifying SAT score.  The times, they have a changed!

But this blog does not celebrate the achievements of (f*ck) Florida Gators, except when they come against overrated teams from other conferences which blow. Today, I am here to pay tribute to a Tiger whom has entered legendary status with a undeniably gutsy performance, a young man who is probably sorer than some of my hasher friends (TOM), who has earned a lifetime of free massages and bowls of gumbo, and who is the rarest of commodities these days:  the white running back who is actually a signifcant part of the offense. Coach Les called the plays, but the boys had to make them. And there was no better one play made in Baton Rouge Saturday night than by the one and only Jacob Hester.

From the Nation of Islam Sports Blog:

Jacob Hester: Ode to the White Running Back

In days of yore, you ran free in packs
All over the field, white running backs.

Fast Negro runners with amazing grace,
Slowly began to take your place.

Once there was Riggins and his mohawk,
Now you line up and mostly block.

Slow of foot and without much style,
We watch you try and it makes us smile.

You lower your shoulders and get three yards,
Moving less like backs, more like guards.

They talk of your motor and how hard you compete,
And try not to mention your clumsy feet.

But like the infrequent moon that’s blue,
There are the times you still come through.

At the end of the game; it couldn’t come later,
You drove through the line to defeat the Gator.

Jacob Hester, we will cut you some slack
You aren’t too bad for a white running back.

The Phil Fulmer Farewell Tour 2007

September 29, 2007

From Thomas the Terrible, at Your Mother Slept with Wilt Chamberlain

A little something for Rocky T*ts

September 29, 2007

Third Saturday in Blogtober.

You know who’ll I’ll be cheering for. Traitorous B*stard.