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The silence is deafening

November 14, 2007

For those of you who have been wondering where the MLBGG has been, she has been spending the week in the great State of West Virginia. 

Scary, yes.

Allegedly some moonshine has been acquired.  (Trust me, we know people stupid enough to drink it.)

And from what I’ve been told, she had to climb a mountain, hike through the woods, and prove herself worthy of said moonshine by taking a shot straight out of the still with no chaser from a dirty tin cup.  Apparently the purveyor of the moonshine was quite impressed for this stranger came down from the mountain, prize in hand.   (No pig squealing either!)


Almost done resting…

November 2, 2007

It’s been a tough week workwise and funwise. I am looking forward to staying in tomorrow evening to prep the heart for Saturday night, and to post some of my always fabulous opinions on the blog.  I’ll just make this statement ladies and gentlemen: there can be no slow starts Saturday night. The Tigers need to go back and channel their second half Auburn and Florida game selves, or even better, the team that showed up against Virginia Tech.  This game isn’t for all the marbles, but it might as well be. 

Until tomorrow night, Free Ryan!

And a hearty welcome back to Early Doucet. We missed you.

Meanwhile, check out And the Valley Shook and Geaux Tuscaloosa.

There is also a remarkably intelligent and reasoned review of the game on Roll ‘Bama Roll.  Shocking.


October 31, 2007

My darling MLBGG, care to take a guess who these belong to?

Rushing Defense 15
Pass Defense  5
Total Defense 3
Scoring Defense 4

For the Queen Bee

October 21, 2007

Public Health Warning (at least for those who’ve been around me)

October 11, 2007

As we all know, I ventured into the land of Nascar not too long ago.  I knew that the majority of the crowd joining me in this revelry would be a little trashy and maybe a little red around the collar.  What I didn’t know is that they would be contagious.  Apparently I could have hepatitis or lord only knows what, because silly me didn’t think to get vaccinated before going.  D’oh!

 Come on.  I mean seriously people. 

Trying to keep up with the Noles

October 6, 2007

An aside from football

October 1, 2007

So this weekend the MLBGG informed me that I need to contribute more to her blog.  I was told I could say basically anything, no matter how mundane such discussion is.  She may want to rethink that, because this post isn’t about football.  This post is straight out of my juvenile mind.  ( I am not surprised. Tennessee did have a bye week, so I am expecting something actually Vol related next week. Of course “pussy” and “Vol” may actually be synonyms this season.  MLBGG.)

 You know they say that you learn something every day.  Well, I surely learned something new today. 

Let me introduce everyone to the Pussy Willow. The Pussy Willow

 Oh that’s awesome.

Just for fun: Notre Dame bashing

September 18, 2007

Yah, we all hate’um.  Everybody just loves Notre Dame.  Who didn’t cry during Rudy?  But seriously, they’ve laid of couple’a stinkers so far this season.  (HA baby Clausen, that’s what you get for abandoning your familial heritage!).